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Our Volume + Styling class teaches the advanced technique of multi-lash, which uses 2 to 15 of the thinnest and finest extensions on 1 natural lash to create sets of 200 to 1000 extensions per eye. Because Volume Extensions create a lash fan that wraps around one natural lash at multiple contact points, this allows you to create fuller looking and longer lasting lashes, especially for clients without a lot of natural lashes.

In this Volume + Styling Class, you will learn effective volume application techniques, proper adhesive usage, perfect fanning, advanced lash styling, corrective work, up-selling, and marketing tips.

Our Volume + Styling Training Class comes with a Lash L’Amour training manual and a generous Lash Kit.

**If you’re certified with Lash L’Amour, you are welcome to come back to the class for observations