Our Volume + Mega class teaches the advanced technique of multi-lash extensions, which uses 2 to 15 of the thinnest and finest extensions on 1 natural lash to create sets of 200 to 1000 extensions per eye. Because Volume Extensions create a lash fan that wraps around one natural lash at multiple contact points, this allows you to create fuller looking and longer lasting lashes, especially for clients without a lot of natural lashes.

In this class, you will learn effective volume application techniques, proper adhesive usage, perfect fanning, advanced lash styling, and corrective work. This class is for students who are already certified in Classic lash extensions. Models will be provided for you unless you would like to bring your own.

All classes come with our Lash L’Amour training manual, a generous kit of supplies, and ongoing mentorship.

Once you’re certified with Lash L’Amour, you are welcome to come back to the class for observation.

Class Time: 10am-6pm
Class time may vary based on class size.


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