Advanced Retention


Our Advanced Retention class is highly requested amongst experienced lash artists who are seeking to further their knowledge and improve their techniques when it comes to lash retention. As an award winning business in the lash industry for over 13 years, we here at Lash L’Amour have seen it all. We have spent years gathering information, testing out new techniques and products, perfecting the basics, and successfully applying these skills on the hundreds of thousands of lash services we have performed over the years.
The goal of this course is for you to learn new ways to improve your retention and to help you maximize your potential as an experienced lash artist. You will be given the chance for our instructor to evaluate your current skills, and introduce you to our tips and tricks that have proven us successful over the years. Our instructor will teach you how to make adjustments to your technique by training you in new ways of prep-work, proper application & adhesive usage, post-work, and corrective work.


The ideal student for this class is an experienced lash artist who is actively working in the industry, and has consistently been practicing both classic and volume lashes for at least 6 months or more. Models will be provided for you, unless you would like to bring your own.
All classes come with our Lash L’Amour training manual, and an essential kit of supplies.



Class Time 10am-4pm


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